DFA- Duetarian Film Awards

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DFA- Duetarian Film Awards

Post by Grand Nomad Lloyd on Fri May 30, 2008 7:51 pm

I believe that a DFA would improve the culture of Duetaria. It would also be a way of our people watching what we want them to, tell them what is good and what isn't. We could have a eg. monthly vote to see what is the best new film that month. Here it starts.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The newest Indiana Jones adventure begins in the desert Southwest in 1957 - the height of the Cold War. Indy and his sidekick Mac have barely escaped a close scrape with nefarious Soviet agents on a remote airfield. Now, Professor Jones has returned home to Marshall College - only to find things have gone from bad to worse. His close friend and dean of the college explains that Indy's recent activities have made him the object of suspicion, and that the government has put pressure on the university to fire him. On his way out of town, Indiana meets rebellious young Mutt, who carries both a grudge and a proposition for the adventurous archaeologist: If he'll help Mutt on a mission with deeply personal stakes, Indy could very well make one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history - the Crystal Skull of Akator, a legendary object of fascination, superstition and fear. Excellent scenes with ants, aliens and amazing waterfalls.

Speed Racer
A live action adaptation of the hugley successful cartoon. Speed Racer continues to strive for glory against his mysterious rival Racer X. Luckily for Speed Racer his girlfriend Trixie and his parents are there to support him and not forgetting his amazing gadet-laden car, Mach 5.

Nim's Island
A young girl accompanies her scientist father to an isolated island in the South Pacific. When he is lost at sea, she communicates electronically with a person she imagines to be a character from a book but is in fact a reclusive author. Let's just say my sister liked it lots...

Iron Man
When weapons expert, the billionaire playboy Tony Stark is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to make them weapons out of scrap instead he builds himself an iron suit and kicks some ass! Amazing CGI!

Sex and the City- the movie
Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte return to screens in this cinematic reboot of the television series. What it says on the tin

What Happens in Vegas
Two strangers awaken together to discover they've gotten married following a night of debauchery in Sin City and that one of them has won a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. The newlyweds devise ever-escalating schemes to undermine each other and get their hands on the money, only to find themselves falling in love amid the mutual backstabbing.


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