Research on an old pocket watch

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Research on an old pocket watch

Post by Grand Nomad Lloyd on Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:34 pm


during a break from revision today i decided to research my great grandfathers old pocket watch. All i knew about was that it was made by a company called 'Waltham' and was given to him as a 21st bd present. once i had dug out a magnifyinglens i was able to look at the hallmarks and now i know nearly everything about the watch! It was made aroun 1921-2 and has lots of birmingham assay office markings (anchors) on it, which makes sense since it was probably bought in london. i aslo realised what the 'sl' wason the front cover, it is a monogram of my ggf, Lawrence Sickle (not sure on the spellin) i then found out that the chain was 9ct, 375 parts to 1000. a bit of detecting gets you the answers! the few things that i still dodn't know about it are where (other than Bham) it was bought and how much it costs- the chain also has a swasticker on it!


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