An End to All Pugnacious Politics

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An End to All Pugnacious Politics

Post by Grand Nomad Lloyd on Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:56 pm

I hereby capitulate to the Majestirial President Shortman; no longer shall there be umbrage between the two of us. My tenebrous thaumaturgy, my casting of miracles towards the benefit of the people, has caused me to beleive that the Grand Duke and company have a nescience. Forthwith I present President Shortman with a effulgent gewgaw to assuage the tensions between our two political campaigns. These are tenebrous times and I beleive that any more angst between the two of us may cause civil war in Duetaria, which is why I wholeheartedly wish that all our past troubles and difference may be chthonic. President Shortman has spoken to me about being offered the place of Deputy, and not wishing any other competition to gain this redoubtful position, and beleiving that I no longer have the support need to win the elections I shall soon be announcing my offical resignment from the campaign to run with Shortman as deputy. The reason for this is that Shortman has presented me with a very cogent case as to why I should join him as Deputy. I shall not abscond, for I am a man of the greatest honour, and think that departing in secert would be a most dishonourable thing to do. I shall not be a slugabed deputy, but a deputy that is of the people, and is for the people. I shall be the people's Deputy. I shall never be desultory nor irascible; but I shall have an acumen that casts an aura of an ebullient Duetaia that is a multifarious population of honourable scions and godfathers with a virtu. I still know that a brobdingnagian army and air force will make Duetaria great.
Nevertheless I shall still remember that Duetaria needs to be kept verdant and environmentily friendly. Some beleive that I am a tyro, with an avarice for power and control, but this is tittle-tattle; it appears that these rumours mean that I have little support, but by becoming deputy I aim to show the people of Duetaria that I am a prolix bellwether. President Shortman will make Duetaria a salubrious place of jovial winsomeness that will be sedulous of making correcting the wrongs of the world.
President Shortman will be a metier when it comes to being the WA Delegete, which is why I urge all of my supporters to vote for Shortman with the same paroxysm of beleive, that I do, you would be fatuous to do so.


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