Luschian Music Charts!

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Luschian Music Charts!

Post by Lady President B. Carter on Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:01 pm

Emulating the example of Karkelbania, the Department of Culture and Media has released the latest Luschian Music Charts for popular consumption. Says Minister Samantha Morton, Marchioness of Morvern-Nottingham, "These are a great complement to King Wake's counterpart - listen and love!"

Our Number Five is the truly stunning No One, by Alicia Keys...

...then at Number Four is the great classic The land of Might-have-Been, by impresario Ivor Novello and Edward Marsh, and sung by Jeremy Northam...

...nearing the top at Number Three is Sam Cooke's transcendental Wonderful World (no, not the Harrsion Ford version)...

...penultimately is this week's runner-up, at Number Two, Lucky Town by Bruce Springsteen, a fantastic song endorsed by our own Amy Adams...

...but the undisputed Number One is the poignant, beautiful Just Like a Woman by the weird-voiced maestro - Bob Dylan... (the song is rumoured to be the focus of an upcoming film by novelist-celebrity Sir Henry MJ Tonks, starring Agyness Deyn)

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