Cliff Condemned!

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Cliff Condemned!

Post by Grand Duke Henry on Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:30 pm

There have been a myriad condemnations of the grossly unconstitutional actions of Nicholas Cliff, Secretary-General of the Telegram Operators, by governments spanning Duetaria in recent days - and from nowhere have the cavalcades of denunciations emenated so strongly than from Chancellor Charles Wenzel von Mettenburg of Ravenburg-Morovia.

"The actions of the secretary-general, who persists in using this democratic moniker as a sign of his grotesque political hypocrisy, should be roundly anathematized by all compassionate, just nations of Duetaria," says the chancellor today in the Grand Council Hall, "and I wish to make it abundantly clear that we shall acquit ourselves in this matter with pellucid dignity and regard for the Constitution. But, ultimately, it will be left for the citizens of Duetaria to judge this perfidious tyrant!"

He sits to rapturous cheering and applause, waving to the crowds of politicians and dignitaries. The speech comes as the latest in a series of vocalizations given by Ravenburger-Morovian ministers on "seismic shifts" in "policy and jurisprudence" taking place in Duetaria of late. The week has also seen the beginning of the campaigns for the Ravenburger-Morovian General Elections, with the Conservative Pary proffering newspaper tycoon Carl Fischer Kane as Prime Minister of Ravenburg, and former Speaker of the House of Lords Countess Carlotta Sophia Bronner von Kügelgen as Prime Minister of Morovia.

Prominent in these campaigns has been First Lord of the Treasury Dieter Hochkatzenburg, who has focussed his energies on lambasting the corruption of the now infamous Kallenbach Hall, a powerful Oberhof (the financial and cultural capital of Ravenburg) political machine run by DOTO expatriate "Boss" James Wilfred "Jim" Gettys. Gettys is on record as a strong supporter of Secretary-General Cliff.

First Lord of the Treasury Hochkatzenburg campaigning in Oberhof, Ravenburg, for Prime Ministerial candidate Kane against "Boss" Jim W. Gettys and incumbent Liberal premier Anton Lexa von Kaunitz

Governor Richard P. Starke of Louisia, a prominent Luschian opponent of Secretary-General Cliff

The Kat for Kane: Hochkaztenburg on the platform, 11 July 2008
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