Oh lay, oh lay oh lay oh lay... Moseley, Moseley!

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Oh lay, oh lay oh lay oh lay... Moseley, Moseley!

Post by Prime Minister Walex on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:59 pm

Now some of you may now about Moseley rugby club. Once we were a great team but following going into administration and relegation from premier league to devision two and losing our ground to housing we have been in trouble. However a few years ago the fans bought out the club and things became better. We moved from the University pitches we'd been using to a new ground of our own. Promotion followed and for the last couple of seasons we've been in division one. However each season we've been in danger of relegation and this has been no different. So when we reached the semi-finals of a cup against the division one number two Exeter we thought we were doomed. However we triumphed!

So we went to Twickenham and everyone expected us to lose. We were now playing Leeds, number one in division one so they're going to the Premiership next year; they were a professional side while we were part time players. The media expected us to lose, Leeds did, Twickenham did even we did. However Saturday the 18th April was going to be one to remember.
The game began slowly however after five minutes Moseley had scored a penalty and were 3 - 0 up (don't ask me to explain rugby)! Leeds couldn't stand up against the boys in Red and black and even though they scored a penalty Moseley unbelievably scored a try and conversion making it Moseley 10 Leeds 3. Both sides continued to score but Leeds failed to score a try and Moseley kept them coming!

Andy Binns (who is a teacher in his professional life) scores a try after 30 mins of play taking Mose to 17 - 6.

However Leeds scored a try at last with 15 minutes left to play taking the score to 20 - 11. However Leeds had changed many of their players and seemed fresh while Moseley were tired and in danger of losing the game in the last few minutes of play. Even the Moseley fans who had got more excited and more drunk as the game had gone on thought we could lose. However Olli Thomas (a Moseley favorite who has been playing for the past season for professional team Cornish Pirates) was brought on, to us he is our own Johnny Wilkinson. In his pure style despite being surrounded by huge angry Leeds players scored a magnificent drop goal making it 23 - 11 with only five minutes left. Moseley fans went wild while Leeds fans began to leave early. Despite a late Leeds try they had lost.
Final score Moseley 23 - 18 Leeds. Moseley are back and next season we will dominate!

The victorious Moseley side: a mixture of teachers, policemen, salesmen and accountants but still better than full time Premiership players!

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