The Political Landscape Changes

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The Political Landscape Changes

Post by Lady President B. Carter on Sat Apr 26, 2008 2:34 pm

"There has been a shock electoral result in Luschia early this morning," says The Villaba Times political correspondant Grant Hepburn-Carey in a broadcast from outside the Houses of Congress in Villaba, Luschia. "Lord President Nicholson and Prime Minister Lord Illface fought their third National Election yesterday at the head of the Monarchist Conservative Party, primarily against the Liberal Democratic Socialist Labour Party. For the first time in history since 1917, a hung result was produced."

The incumbent party was unable to conclusively defeat the Liberals after three months of campaigning, and, of the seventy-four state senatorial delegates, the Tories claimed twenty-eight and the Liberals twenty-seven. At 11:59, a compromise was at last reached: Sir Jack Nicholson, Lord President of the Chamber of Ministers and Head of Government, was forced to form a coalition government with Opposition Leader Emmanuelle Béart.

"This party is dedicated to socialist, pacific governance," said Béart yesterday at the Liberal National Convention, "And we will, and must, carry on for the good of Luschia! Welfare will be delivered! Equality for all!"

At this stage, of course, it is suspected that Luschia may be forced to turn away from a pro-Ravenburger stance in response to Béart's triumph of sorts.

Incumbent Lord President Nicholson (having lost his tache) is facing dissention in his government over Coalition compromise

Whilst new Prime Minister Emmanuelle Béart enjoys a magnificent triumph

Allegedly, three of the five Great Offices of State are in Liberal hands - Béart is PM, Geoffrey Rush Interior Minister, and Sir Kelsey Grammer Viscount Frasier Foreign Minister. The reshuffle is set to completely alter the political landcape of Duetaria.

Lord Frasier, the new Foreign Minister

Lady Bonham Carter, former Foreign grandee, is suspected of plotting to remove Béart with Tory ministers Annette Bening, Amy Adams and David Hyde Pierce Earl of Niles
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