Luschia Rocked by Political Skullduggery

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Luschia Rocked by Political Skullduggery

Post by Lady President B. Carter on Sat May 10, 2008 9:53 pm

"It is my wish to announce that, on Friday 16 May, there will be a General Election held in Luschia," stated Lady President Bonham Carter this morning to assembled pressmen. Since then, her iron grip on power seems to have been catastrophically weakened.

Allegedly, at 15:54, a meeting of huge portent was conducted in the Lady President's Office between Bonham Carter and Liberal leader Emmanuelle Béart. Seated beneath portraits of the great lord president Cary Grant and foreign minister Rita Hayworth, Bonham Carter was forced to listen as Béart mercilessly threatened to undo Liberal co-operation with the Tories unless a new firmly Left Wing agenda was set.

In addition to this threat of defection, cracks are beginning to appear in the Luschian Treasury - relaxing at upmarket Royal Dappleton Spa in tranquil New Sandingshire, Chancellor Amy Adams was compelled to dash back to government today when rumours began to circulate of her impending political defenestration.

Throwing caution to the winds Bonham Carter has announced a new treasury team headed by current minister Gwyneth Paltrow - Adams is supposedly to be unceremoniously dumped in the Ministry of Culture and Sport. It remains to be seen just how long Bonham Carter can survive if she continues to rattle the gilded cages of Tory elitists.

A shocked Chancellor of the Exchequer Adams at the Etruria Hotel, Royal Dappleton Spa

Tory Party Chairman Hugh Jackman is currently conducting a purge of "non-Bonhamites" in the government

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Re: Luschia Rocked by Political Skullduggery

Post by Guest on Thu May 15, 2008 3:09 pm

We are behind Chancellor Adams and Lord Niles. Down with Bonham Carter!


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