Technologies that we have made

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Technologies that we have made

Post by Grand Nomad Lloyd on Wed May 14, 2008 2:25 pm

Technology is a thing of pride, we all have pride in our new gadgets and gizmos, iPods and computers, but would we have pride in a club or a needle. No. We no longer have pride or desire these things, for they are old, dated, no longer needed, they are the tools of our ancestors. But to now how we created our modern technology we need to no what it evolved from, and by studying that we may even gain ideas of how modern technology will be over taken and evolve!
Technology is a breed of engineering and science, what we use to either create or destroy. (Or perhaps we use it just for our own pleasure.) The reader may wonder how this is so, since the cave men of past had their clubs and flints (their technology) but not even a concept of science nor engineering! This is because I give the definition of Modern technology, not ancient technology that was created on the basic instinct of survival.
The word (and meaning of) technology date back to the Greeks, who were, if not still are, some of the greatest manufacturers of technology, I suppose they could be called inventers. The Greek word for this form of creation and invention is ‘’ ‘’ meaning ‘craft and  ‘’ meaning ‘saying’. To be honest with the reader there is no set definition of the word ‘technology’, but merely an understanding of what is categorised under its title. For example hardware, machines, cook equipment, weapons of war, medication, and telecommunication are all types of technology. In essence technology is the understanding that a society has with the tools and crafts at its disposal, and how society uses them to tame nature.
As I had mentioned before the human race’s use of technology started with the use of nature to aid him in ‘the hunt’. Another thing that still amazes me is that humans had tamed fire before history had tamed them! This leads me nicely into my first topic of technology: Prehistory.


One of the first most and most important findings of the prehistoric mankind was the discovery and control of fire, since with out this latter technology such as metal alloys and combustion engines would most likely not have been able to be invented. Since the ‘creation’ of fire was before the creation of history books there are no records as to how the secrets of fire were first discovered, we can only speculate that a very bored cave man decided to play with some dry sticks, or maybe even flints, which brings us onto the next prehistory technology, flint tools and weapons. Although flint was used as a tool before fire was, it can be said that flint weapons were not all that necessary for the evolution of technology, since with fire, humans would be able to find bronze. Some of the first flint tools were hand axes and ‘scrapers’ that would have been used to aid the manufacture of spear shafts and bone tools. The earliest evidence of the use of tools, was found in the Great Rift Valley, and dates back to 2.5 million years ago. It is indicated that it was Homo erectus, who first discovered and used fire, with their latter finds of wood and charcoal as fuel to increase the edibility of of raw meats, which not only made them taste nicer, but also increased nutrient value, and meant that now a much wider selection of animals could be hunted as food sources.
These though were not the only technilogical advancments in the Paleolithic era, clothing ( of fur and hides) and shelter ( humans had constructed wooden huts by c.380000) were invented and these were critical to human development.- increasing social boundries and lessening the likelyhood of catching coldness caused illnesses. ( e.g. hypothermia) which meant that humans were able to migrate out of Africa and into Eurasia. Not with standing this, fire would still remain the greatest achievemant for centuries to come, being the founder for many new advancements to come. Also a more enhanced form of toolmaking had been developed at around the same time as shelter, which was known as theprepared-core technique.This enabled the creation of more controlled and consistent ‘flakes’, which could then be placed onto wooden shafts as arrows. This new technique helped to form more efficient composite tools and weapons, which, when combined with fire, enabled humans to hunt more effectively; wooden spears with fire-hardened points have been found as early as 250,000 BCE.
And it was these advances that helped to improve language, social abilities, industries, and of course, evolution.
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