Tensions Rise in Luschia as Violence Breaks Out

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Tensions Rise in Luschia as Violence Breaks Out

Post by Lady President B. Carter on Sat May 17, 2008 2:04 am

The Spacey Crisis has reached new heights of moral depravity and factionalisation today as diehard 'independent' Liberal Democratic Socialist Labour Party members revolted against Education Minister Emmanuelle Béart. Béart was, according to Marion Cotillard, lambasted by her own party as she rose to give a speech on State Grammer Schools, before being pelted with mud as she attempted to leave the Senate. Lord Frasier, a supposed 'Spaceyan', is being tipped to challenge her, with Cotillard acting as a stalking horse tomorrow.

This, however, is the mildest news from Luschia - at 15:34 a firefight began in the Royal Cotten Hall of Arts (RYCA), the acknowledged HQ of the Board of Twelve in Seacouver. At this time, twenty-one men and thirteen women disguised as cleaning staff entered the RYCA and stashed their visages in the Central Boiler Room. This done, they then fanned out in the building - nine broke into the James Mason Memorial Lecture Room where board member Robert Downey Jr. was conducting his Pulitzer Prize-winning talk Socio-Politics in the Career of Cary Grant. In the ensuing gunfire, Downey and seven others were seriosuly wounded and two killed.

The spree of violence culminated in an attack on the office of John Mahoney, where he was entertaining colleagues Harvey Keitel and Spacey. The three barely escaped - Keitel is currently in hospital, and Mahoney was struck by a shot in the neck. Spacey, allegedly, saved the day by shooting two assailants.

Nevertheless, plaudits are reserved for board Secretary Jane Adams: after her colleague Charity Wakefield collapsed in her office, Adams took up magnum and gunned down six of the men and four of the women, killing them all - including six in the Grand Opera Chamber. Heads must roll, though, and the position of Samantha Morton as Defence Minister is now in grave doubt.

"There shall be recompense," announced Mahoney this evening, "mark my words well."

Charity Wakefield, a member of the Board of Twelve, is in hospital with serious injuries sustained to the chest and face

Kevin Spacey - target of violence? Innocent bystander?

Jane Adams, Secretary on the Board of Twelve, the "hero of the hour" according to an ailing Keitel
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