Postmaster Madhav

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Postmaster Madhav

Post by Grand Duke Henry on Sat May 17, 2008 12:45 pm

In the drowsy morning in the Grand Council Hall, scantily packed, Chancellor Mettenburg runs to the dais. Lady Speaker Page sleepily motions him to begin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, a new crisis is upon us: the states of Postmaster Madhav and Judeamia have risen in revolt against Ravenburg-Morovia and the other so-called 'senior' nations, Karkelbania and the Potato Farmers, Luschia and Romardia, Gracania and the Evil Yams. At 8:29 six thousand Judeamian soldiers of the Ezani Legion stormed the Schlieffen Canal and entered my country's boundaries. Thankfully, General Belcredi retaliated and drove them back. It is suspected that Emperor Badhur Makshi was acting in tandem with King Ephraim of Judeamia and King Clarkeos of Ducaliantia by way of his venal Imperial Mistress Julia Sawalha."

Several Ducaliantian ministers rush to the doors, but a squad of soldiers from the Morovian 8th Infantry Regiment, the Red and Vermilions, block their way. They are led out to a waiting municipal prison van.

"Action must be taken!" cries Mettenburg, "Mobilise Plan A - the Coalition forces of Gracania, Romardia, Luschia and Catoagoa must now move to Siberia and annex it. War has broken out! Vive Duetaria!"

The masterminds of Madhavian ambitions: Imperial Mistress Julia Sawalha, also Chamberlain of the Household, and The Rt. Hon. Enoch Portillo Butler (General Secretary for Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs)
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